Business Climate In Puerto Rico

An Ever-Growing Legacy of Business Excellence

For decades, Puerto Rico has been at the global forefront of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Today and looking to the future, this legacy of leadership is being parlayed into other industries, including technology and ICT, financial services, professional services, entrepreneurship, and many others.

of the economy is driven by manufacturing
economy in the Caribbean by GDP ($101B)
of the GDP stems from finance, insurance, real estate, and professional services

A Familiar Playing Field

As a U.S. jurisdiction, the ground rules for doing business in Puerto Rico allow for the same level of operational security, stability, and protections, so you can invest with confidence.

  • Currency is the U.S. Dollar
  • U.S. federal law, and all the framework and protections that go with it, apply in Puerto Rico; including intellectual property and patent protection
  • All U.S. banking regulations apply, including the credibility and protections afforded by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
  • Manufactured goods can be labeled as “Made in USA”

Puerto Rico’s Key Sectors

Biosciences ❯

A global powerhouse in bioscience for over 60 years, value-added assets such as an advanced 5G enabled IoT network and expanded cargo transfer flexibility come together to create unique investment opportunities today

Technology & ICT ❯

A highly skilled workforce, strong tech infrastructure,and a robust start-up and entrepreneurial community make this a thriving sector in the economy

Professional Services ❯

With everything from financial planning and call centers to back office support, Puerto Rico offers service providers an endless opportunity to succeed and grow

Finance & Insurance ❯

The island’s unique legal position makes it the perfect place to tap into international financial, banking, and insurance markets while benefiting from U.S. financial regulations

Creative Industries ❯

The vibrant creative industries economy is quickly expanding beyond music to include film, media, web, and software design

Advanced Manufacturing ❯

Advanced manufacturing and aerospace companies are attracted by a talented workforce, well- established ecosystem, and competitive real estate costs

Ag, Food & Beverage ❯

A new generation of farmershave launched farm-to-table restaurants, developed artisanal food products, and embraced sustainable farming techniques

Ready to Invest?

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